Gothic Geisha #2 Comic Premiered at the San Diego Comic Con in July 2014

I’m proud to present a small, limited print-run I self-published for the San Diego Comic Con of issue number two. Those who missed issue #1 can still purchase autographed copies at my Steampunk Fantasy Art Etsy Store. Here is the link to buy issue #2. You will still be able to read it online, but I wanted to make a hard-copy version for those old-fashioned folks that like to feel something solid in their hands. Every year I share a table at comic-con with my husband, a iPhone Game developer. We have a nice corner table, E6, in the same location. Our table is called Banzai Chicks/Scary Robot Productions. I sell my art prints, comic books and Banzai Chicks merchandise, which includes handmade jewelry and magnets. Banzai Chicks is my girl-friendly brand, a departure from Gothic Geisha. The artwork is more cartoony or kawaii/anime like, a group of martial arts girls and their animal companions. To learn more you can go to Banzai Chicks website, designed by yours truly using free jquery and CSS. If you are curious about the jewelry I make, you can check out my Banzai Chicks Etsy Store. I don’t especially like making jewelry, but I do like conceiving of an idea and seeing it complete to fruition. It does take a little bit of engineering, trial and error and research. I’m especially proud of my interchangeable magnetic rings and necklaces. You can swap out the glass lids which contain different Banzai Chicks characters. Here is a link.

I digress, I’m not here to shamelessly plug my other artwork, but to show off my new comic. Here is a cover. The book was published extremely quickly by RA Comics Direct. I highly recommend them for reasonably priced, small print runs. Another comic book printer, that is slightly more expensive, but has very good quality is Ready Comics. I used them to print my first issue.

Gothic Geisha #2 Comic Book

Gothic Geisha #2 Comic Limited Edition Convention Special

I apologize for any previous delinquency in keeping up a regular schedule. I will make a more concerted effort into uploading pages weekly. I have the whole story written down and I estimate 2 1/2 years to finish the series. I have the second sequel in the planning stages, so if you like Gothic Geisha so far, please stick with me and join with me on the adventure.

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