New Gothic Geisha Website launched!

I finally built a new website for Gothic Geisha, using a responsive template I bought. I procrastinated a long time because hardcoding every page for the comic is tedious. I noticed last year that the ComicPress template on the WordPress site would mysteriously stop working. I’ve complained several times, (noticing other people complaining on the forums), and never got a good response from the tech. Strangely, weeks later it would work again and then mysteriously break. This is most frustrating, so the only solution was to make my own website. You can see my handiwork at I will continue redundantly putting up comic pages every Wednesday (yes, I know I’ve been very bad at keeping a regular schedule, but with 2015 being a new year, I will try my best). You can preview the most recent page here if for some reason this WordPress site doesn’t work. Go to the website to look at Concept Art, Backgrounds and Paintings of the Gothic Geishas. I will leave you with an Environment Design I created of the upper levels of the Unopolis City.

Environment Design

Alpha Levels of the Unopolis.

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