Gothic Geisha Page 27

Kenji returns home after hanging out with his friends and is being followed by a mysterious woman.

When Kenji leaves the bar after his celebration with his coworkers, it is 4am in the morning. He returns home, somewhat inebriated, but still has the suspicion he is being watched. His senses do not betray him, for indeed, a mysterious geisha clad woman is following him.

Gothic Geisha Page 18

Kenji saves the day

Kenji saves the day by catching the girder before it falls on the construction workers below. He pulls it up with super-human strength. Afterwards, his supervisor discusses construction plans with him.

Gothic Geisha Page 13

Audrey defends herself against attackers.

Audrey is attacked by three hoodlums on her way back to the subway in the Omega Level Sector D6 late at night while trying to refill her prescription at a medical facility. She turns the tables on her assailants and defends herself with a dangerous ferocity.
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Gothic Geisha Page 12

Audrey turns the tables on her captors.

The three street thugs attack Audrey in Omega Sector D6 and attempt to steal her medication. Audrey finds strength deep inside of her and turns the tables on her assailants with unexpected martial arts skills of her own.

Page 10

Upon leaving the medical facility, Audrey is accosted by 3 hoodlums

Gothic Geisha Page 10 – On her way back to the train station in Sector D-6 (the dangerous area in the Unopolis City), Audrey is followed by several unsavory characters that accost her. Her worst nightmare is about to unfold!

Page 9

Page 9

Page 9 – Audrey is told that the only hospital opened late is the one in Sector D-6, a dangerous part of town. Audrey has to refill her prescription or face dire circumstances (being locked up by the authorities). She travels to Sector D-6 and is very frightened. Despite the looming dangers, She finally gets her meds.

Page 8

Gothic Geisha Page 8

Gothic Geisha Page 8 – Audrey’s manager berates her for her poor job performance. To make up the quota, she has to work through lunch. At dinner in the Worker’s Cafeteria, a religious sermon is being preached about the sanctity of hard work, discipline, abstinence and renunciation. He also talks about the violent nature of man, which reminds Audrey she forgot to refill her medication. When she goes to Medical Services, they are closing. She has to go to another sector to obtain her meds.

Page 7

Gothic Geisha Page 8

Gothic Geisha Page 7 – Audrey rushes to the People Mover just as the doors begin to close. She opens the doors with her prosthetic hand. She got it during an accident 5 years ago, but she doesn’t remember. She works at the Unopolis City Weapons factory. Her boss berates her for under performing in her job.

Page 6

Gothic Geisha Page 7

Gothic Geisha Page 6 – As Audrey continues her daily walk to work, the medication to subdue her violent tendencies take effect. Her senses get dull and her mind gets cloudy. A man preaching on the sidewalk warns about the impending apocalypse where all the buildings will collapse from the subsequent weight of the buildings above. Audrey approaches the People Mover, mass transit. Hundreds of workers crowd onto the train.

Page 5

Gothic Geisha Page 5

Gothic Geisha Page 5 – As Audrey leaves her small apartment and walks to work, you can see the deplorable state of the city, overcrowding, oppressed populace and dilapidated buildings.