Gothic Geisha Page 41

Audrey is saved by the Gothic Geishas

Gothic Geisha Page 41.
Pressured by Okasaan Alica, head of the Gothic Geisha Sisterhood of the Shiroi Ryuu (White Dragon) Geiko House in the Omega Level, Captain Malcom Smith of the Unopolis Police orders Apex Ops X909 to release Audrey. Audrey gives X909 a unsportsman-like blow for his excessive force in apprehending her. X909 gets angry but is subdued by the Captain. Audrey further taunts him and he vows revenge.

Gothic Geisha Page 39

Audrey is beaten by Apex Ops X909.

Audrey crashes on the ground and Apex X909 thrusts his knees into her stomach. He begins to choke her and is called off by the Unopolis Officer.

Gothic Geisha Page 38

Audrey is beaten by the Apex Ops, black ops soldier of the Unopolis.

The Apex Ops, the special black ops soldier of the Unopolis attacks Audrey. He side kicks Audrey, but she is able to block his attack. Unfortunately, he gains the upper hand with his superior martial arts skills. He feints a roundhouse kick and scissors her in a  devastating throw. She crashes against the wall.

Gothic Geisha Page 37

Audrey fights the Soldiers of the Unopolis.

After dispatching the first Biosyntek Soldier, Audrey is attacked by the second soldier. She catches him by the neck, rolls backwards, and rams his head into the ground. She is momentarily distracted and struck by the Apex Ops, the Unopolis’s Special Black Ops Soldier.

Gothic Geisha Page 31

In her dream, Audrey is fighting another warrior.

Audrey remembers her past in a dream. She fights in a hand to hand combat with a handsome warrior and gains the advantage.


Gothic Geisha Page 17

Kenji saves the constructions workers from the falling beam.

At the Restoration site, a beam snaps loose and threatens to fall on the workers below. Kenji makes a flying leap towards the beam and kicks it out of the way, grabs the end of the rope and continues towards the building.

Gothic Geisha Page 13

Audrey defends herself against attackers.

Audrey is attacked by three hoodlums on her way back to the subway in the Omega Level Sector D6 late at night while trying to refill her prescription at a medical facility. She turns the tables on her assailants and defends herself with a dangerous ferocity.
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